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As BriefcaseCloud centralizes your marketing files, among other things, it quickly leverages instant: retrieval, distribution, access, and deployment of communications that can grow your business. Tag your files one-by-one, file and forget about them until, you need them. Then a 3-second Tag Search will locate them instantly.
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Time is of the essence when you're in project-mode. The get-it done attitude is rich in our company, and BriefcaseCloud pulls our teams together when the situations are critical, This helps us cope with the stress better than before; I never have to dig through email or hunt for buried work-files.

Liz P., Chief Creative Officer E.B.F.

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Tackle project planning on the go with the assurance that your need-to-know information stays with only those who need to know. Work with team members effortlessly in a live environment - instant files, instant chat, instant alerts!

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"Oh man – people just hate to waste time. I hate wasting time too, but more than anyone. We sped up our planning process, and we implement faster with better communication. It's like having a bunch of little job-site admin offices on the internet for us to go into. If you use the notifications, you can keep track of 80 conversations, because you're only alerted when you're needed. This has very few buttons and crew-members use whatever tablet, phone or computer they can find sitting around – instant connect – no downloads. One guy made it his homepage!"

Andy B.
Commercial Construction Development Property Management Conglomerate

"My corporate background has taught me many things in life, and one being the value in preparation before big moments in life. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned you need a quality team. BriefcaseCloud’s simple operation has helped me enjoy the efficiency of having my team with me wherever I go. Keeping their project work separate from my email helps me control my time better. Travelling internationally means I don't have much free time or good cell signal. Briefcase Cloud is my solution to both."

Claudia T.
Developer/Owner/Operator of International Luxury Vacation Property Development Firm

"Mine and Jenny’s jewelry line is the first of its kind – made from authentic guitar strings by actual Rockers – some so famous you know them by face and name. It’s a "high-strung" business, and we move fast. Working with the Tops of the music industry, and Enterprise level co-promotions with dinner-table charitable and corporate names, we have to keep pace. In ways – set it! BcC is our connection to one-another while running around. It's separate from the noise; a private retreat for us all to quickly meet in and maintain our family connection. Anyone working with us, and for us, are truly shoulder-to-shoulder in BcC helping us save music... with a focal point on children."

Jenny M. & Timothy B.
Jewelry Manufacturer and Music Industry Influence

"As an author, Briefcase cloud helps me collaborate with my co-authors; securely share my content; and better organize my work in distinct projects. Some of the advanced features like file stacking and tagging are valuable in a hundred little ways that become more apparent as you use them. Overall, briefcase cloud is fast, simple and effective – exactly what I need in a file sharing tool! The unlimited storage makes my life easy, since upgrades are never needed. I highly recommend it!”"

Mike D.
Published Author and Systems Developer

"I am really good with computers, but never was good with keeping my files organized I have too many! Clients are always asking for new requests, then those finish then revisions to make different versions, and any order you had is gone! Briefcase has helped me reduce the time it takes to find a file by more than I could have ever imagined – Erica was right - I find anything in 5 seconds now! I tag my files as I place each one, and then retrieve them using the same tags. Some of my best clients use briefcase and we collaborate together. Those clients – I really don't use anything but briefcase cloud to speak and work with them – we all love the file pinging!"

Liz P.
Accomplished Master Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Product Concept Specialist

"Been in almost 20 years and I've used nearly every system you can imagine, broken many of them down to their core, only to rebuild them with the vision of what BriefcaseCloud actually is. But it's not done in a way that over-complicates your job. It's actually an easy site to use, without much training needed before you're a pro, like about 5 minutes. It has all of the features you want, but nothing you don't need. The interface is clean and powerful. Privacy is key in Today's Age, and knowing the website is available on all connected devices allows me to choose how I want to use it."

Bob R.
Seasoned Concept Developer and Implementation Advisor

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