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Create your Briefcase with basic user information, then use our simple invite system to create private live chats and secure file sharing, all for just $5 per seat per month. BriefcaseCloud encrypts and centralizes your files. Use our intuitive features to take complete control of your data and project management.

Invite Your Team - Users benefit from our easy Team Management features, and enjoy the flexibility and power they bring to any project. Change user roles as needed, and reconfigure projects in mere seconds.

Customizable Collaboration - Quickly decide who needs to work on what, compare notes, share ideas, and truly collaborate. Create simple workflows so everyone can work towards common goals. Control teams with ease.

Get Alerts - Our screen-ping system is smart and is what you want. Making project changes triggers the system to automatically alert users according to your preferences, or work in silence and ping the team later.

Project Screens are Intuitive for Simple Team Collaboration

Customer Story

"My corporate background has taught me many things in life, and one being the value in preparation before big moments in life. As an entrepreneur, I've similarly learned you need a quality team. BriefcaseCloud's simple operation has helped me enjoy the efficiency of having my team with me wherever I go. Keeping their project work separate from my email helps me control my time better, and place time where it matters most when I have time to spare. Travelling internationally means I don't have much free time or good cell signal. Briefcase Cloud is my solution to both."

Claudia T.
Developer/Owner/Operator, International Luxury Vacation Property Development Firm

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Real-Time Sharing

Enjoy instant file-sharing, live messaging, and live alerts. Everything in BriefcaseCloud happens real-time, and requires no special permissions to work.
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Stay Connected

With the most streamlined collaboration interface on the market, your bandwidth is focused on two things, your communications and data flow.
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