File Sharing

Unlimited Storage = Unlimited Projects.

Avoid confusing and messy storage plans, plus you also get all of the other great collaboration tools that come with BriefcaseCloud. Your files are completely secure in the cloud and you decide who can view, download or make edits.

Real-time File Sharing

With unlimited storage, you never have to worry about running out of space, accessed from any device. Avoid messy storage plans and data back-up issues. You can also take comfort in our private VIP-only sharing.
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Quickly Upload Large Files

With over 100 native file formats, you'll find little need to .zip files. And never worry about running out of storage space with unlimited cloud storage that lets you upload large files quickly, even on slow connections.
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Customer Story

"Been in business a while – almost 20 years. I've used nearly every darn file-sharing system you can imagine, broken many of them down to their core, only to try and build them with the vision of what BriefcaseCloud actually is. But it's not done in a way that over-complicates your job. It's actually an easy site to use, without much training needed before you're a pro, like about 5 minutes. It has all of the features you want, but nothing you don't need. The interface is clean and powerful, as powerful as knowing files are encrypted at-rest. Privacy is key in Today's Age, and knowing the website is available on all connected devices allows me to choose how I want to use it. And boy oh boy do myself and my teams use it as we're developing businesses. I suggest you give it a try. For the twenty bucks a month: not losing files anymore, finding files quickly, and having a sense of privacy – TOTALLY WORTH IT!"

Bob R.
Seasoned Concept Developer and Implementation Advisor, A&M.R.

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Picking a new collaboration system is a big deal - we understand. For that reason we've made ours as simple to learn as possible.
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Create Your Team

Any Briefcase owner and all users will benefit from the easy Team Management features we've created, and enjoy their flexibility and power.
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