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We've Made Storage And Collaboration Simple.

It's fast and so easy-to-use, which makes it fun! BriefcaseCloud can be used by one person for UNLIMITED FILE STORAGE and easy idea tagging, or as a solution for team connectivity, idea centralization, compliance, and process development. Much of our system is highly automated and intuitive. In just a couple of minutes, users will feel like true file storage and collaboration pros.

Easily Controlled Tagging System
Match Any and Match All Tag Search Options
See what members on your team are doing
Live Members Stream to bring you up to speed quickly
Easy Team Invite and Management Systems

Real-time File Sharing

With UNLIMITED FILE STORAGE, there's no need to worry about running out of storage space ever again, and it's accessible from any browser enabled device. PC, MAC, Android, iOS - it doesn't matter BriefcaseCloud works on everything! Avoid messy storage plans and data back-up issues, plus take comfort in our private VIP-only sharing mechanisms. We provide our users with full control over their data, without 3rd party peering or review.
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Great Ideas Start Here

BriefcaseCloud's streamlined interface provides an overview of your ongoing projects, tasks and messages. Create new projects, connect team members, set-up user roles and view activity in just a few quick clicks. Our simple and intuitive interface will encourage your ideas to flow, your team to collaborate, and efficient goal achievement.
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Real-Time File Sharing and Team Collaboration Tools
Upload Files Faster Than Ever Before
Filter Tags for Fast Searches
Real-Time File Sharing and Team Collaboration Tools
Live Team Chat Tools and Instant Alerts
Live Team Chat Tools and Instant Alerts

Stay Connected

There's not much to worry about when you're always in the loop. Our collaboration tools are second-to-none, because they're simple and intuitive. Engage team members to achieve goals, get alerts, view chat logs and enjoy effortless approvals. Everything happens real-time in BriefcaseCloud, and project development happens faster than ever before.
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