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Effortlessly develop ideas with lightning fast speed using tools designed to improve efficiency. Access your team and projects from anywhere in the world. Any browser enabled device connected to the internet will do; avoid those invasive app downloads.

Team Collaboration

Setup your team as you like. Invite a graphic designer as the Production role, maybe add a few Reviewers to inspect new files for accuracy, then save the Final Vote for yourself or appoint someone else. If you like, that action could trigger an alert to your group of Followers, who are limited to approved-only files. In-short, all team members can be directed to the files meant for them, and nothing else. BriefcaseCloud is a dream come true for anyone in search of a simple group-collaboration.

Project Approvals and Compliance Tools Are Easy To Use
Project Approvals and Compliance Tools Are Easy To Use
Live Ping System and Alert Notification System
Easily Controlled Share Tools And Privacy Controls
Instant Team Notifications
Live Team Alerts
Customer Story

"Mine and Jenny's jewelry line is the first of its kind – made from authentic guitar strings by actual Rockers – some so famous you know them by face and name. It's a "high-strung" business, and we move fast. Working with the Tops of the music industry, and Enterprise level co-promotions with dinner-table charitable and corporate names, we have to keep pace. In ways – set it! BcC is our connection to one-another while running around. Briefcase is separate from the noise; a private retreat for us all to quickly meet in and maintain our family connection. Anyone working with us, and for us, are truly shoulder-to-shoulder in BcC helping us save music... with a focal point on children."

Jenny M. & Timothy B.
Jewelry Manufacturers and Music Industry Influences, S.J.

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Briefcase owners and users benefit from easy Team Management features, and their limitless usage, to create simple systems that offer flexibility and power.
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BriefcaseCloud works on any device. It's private. It's secure, and very easy to use. Benefit from our real-time notification system, unlimited storage, and much more.
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