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Text ‘briefcasecloud’ to 855.548.6288 to receive a call back from one of our knowledgeable support staff (setup assistance may be requested).

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Start your subject line with “(X)”, where “X” is the answer to adding four plus seven. Humans only! NY, USA 888.818.4904 200 Broadhollow Rd. STE 207 Melville, NY 11747
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Explore the Features
Real-Time File Sharing: unlimited storage, all device compatibility, easy-to-use, and more!
Explore the Features
Quickly Upload Large Files: 100+ native formats supported, tagging system, and more!
Explore the Features
Private and Secure: encryption-at-rest, no admin risk, Security Compliant, and more!

The right cloud solution

Really Simple Storage

With unlimited storage, 2 GB file transfers, full encryption-at-rest, accessibility from any browser enabled device, the most intuitive file tagging system ever created, and our cutting-edge File-Stacking™ tools, all wrapped up in a purpose-built interface to ensure all of your bandwidth is applied towards your files and conversations… it’s so good at $5/seat you just have to use us! Take your files with you wherever you go, and always be ready for opportunity. Stop playing the memory game – no more hunting-and-picking for files.


We’re going to show you how to find ANY file you upload in 3-seconds or less, no matter how long ago you uploaded it. Never lose a file. Never waste time looking for files again. We’ve changed the game by using a new approach based on experience and common-sense. We know you’re going to love it. Like we do!


Full Encryption-at-Rest for Privacy

Intuitive Tagging System to Find Files Fast

Really Simple Sharing

Take comfort in our private VIP-Only Sharing, and our platform’s fully encrypted-at-rest storage policies. There is nobody watching you, so do as you please. Work with your family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers in private with ease. Each Briefcase owner has the ability to quickly control: off-site sharing, off-site notifications, project and file visibility, sharing of only approved compliant files, simple user and group visibility Access Control Levels™, undo deletes and the shredder that instantly deletes forever, plus quite a bit more!


Enjoy LIVE instant alerts, LIVE instant messaging, LIVE file changes, LIVE Screen Pings™, all with no refreshes needed. It rocks, because it’s fun to use, and it’s ridiculously fast even in low-bandwidth situations. It’s the best way to be a person on-the-go fighting to achieve your personal aspirations without skipping a beat!

You Have Control Over Your Space

Shut Down All Off-Site Sharing in A Click

VIP-Only Sharing - You Decide Everything

Purposely No App

After 20+ years in business we’re a little peeved about what we see is going on – you have no safe space. Everything is tracked, recorded, and used as a “weapon” against you: marketing, solicitation, corporate espionage… it’s nutty out there! For this reason, we have NO APP. NO COOKIES. NO TRACKING. NO ADMIN PEERING (and no features for our staff to do so – on purpose). NO 3RD PARTIES can watch your activity on our site. It’s like your own personal castle in the sky; you come to us from anywhere in the world from any browser-enabled device – even Tor!


On our system the Briefcase owner is in full control like Mark Z. is over Facebook™. Manage your comment sections however you like, maybe allow your team to speak openly, share ideas, work towards common goals. It’s your platform when inside – we keep you safe from the outside.

Your Rules - Not Their Rules Anymore

No 3rd Party Tracking OF ANY KIND

True Privacy from Big Tech And Big Brother

Easy Collaboration

When you login at you officially disappear behind our walls. Like a secure mega-office building in the sky, it’s all yours to do with as you please. Feel free to raise your gates and let NOBODY in, or lower your gates to let your team march to your tune in private, that or the tunes of one or more of your appointed admins.


A Briefcase Admin has much less power than the Briefcase Owner (only one owner). Your admins can see all users, and projects admins are not on, plus invite new users to a Briefcase seat on your behalf. New users are sent either Owner Pays or Member Pays invites for $5/user. The same cost as starting a Briefcase – just 5-bucks! New accounts require minimal user information, and incur no cost until a user joins or creates a Briefcase. Once in, the owner and admins decide who users see or don’t see. It’s really that simple!

Simple Project & Team Management

Intuitive ZERO-TRAINING required

Easy Access Control Levels

How Briefcase is unique

WE are not focused on storage; we are focused on retrieval. BriefcaseCloud is a fast and stable working environment for one or more users, with an emphasis on giving you 100% control over your data. It's free speech in here - do as you please. We hope you do!

WE do not market to you. Nobody knows you are our user. Nobody knows what you choose to do within your own Briefcase, or someone else's Briefcase you belong to. We have no admin features to see your files. We barely know anything about you.

WE have ZERO ADMIN RISK. Our system is driven by simple tools that combine to make powerful workflows and data associations. We do not link to other systems - we are a solo act for your benefit. We are the people ensuring your ideas stay yours.

WE are very inexpensive relative to the marketplace for similar services - IF THERE WERE A SERVICE LIKE OURS. We priced ourselves to be affordable for life, and avoid adding features to raise complexity for the sake of doing so. We're here to stay.

How briefcasecloud is unique

Cost-effective for life

We have no contract. No term clauses. Stop anytime, but we don't think you're ever going to! You need a solution that's affordable for years and decades - that's us! Store unlimited data. Develop that data by yourself. Develop it with a team, either way the data is tagged by everyone and findable in 3-seconds or less. Did we mention we're the perfect emergency communications system - live chat on any device:

2020 2021

Briefcase is useful to everyone

With simple-to-use features, and a very friendly interface, our website is perfectly suited to the computer laymen and computer experts. It's great for solo use. It's great for team use. ANYONE can find tremendous value in BriefcaseCloud:

Business Executive
Business Planning

Built for those with leadership qualities and drive. Simple tools to keep a top-down on your brand.

Team Manager
Team Management

Easily control multiple teams with less hassel than more complex systems, filled with tools you'll never use.

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
File Management

Professional designers love our File Stacking™ features. Quickly find file versions in seconds.

Code Engineer
Code Engineer
Data Management

Evolve your scripts with simple versioning tools. Create a reusable library of only your best files.

Technical Position
Technical Position
Data Evolution

Time. We're priced for you to use us for life, so time is no cost-factor. Evolve your data over decades.

Event Coordinator
Event Coordination

With simple and powerful team management tools, we make it easier than ever before to run teams.

HR Director
HR Director

User Access Control Levels™ allow for private one-on-one chats, and secrecy of user contact info.


Create a vote-based project, and engage your entire team's talents in an order set by you. It's easy!

Usage VS. Cost

Unlimited Storage 0

Unlimited Usage 0

Device Compatibility 0

Usage versus cost
Efficiency Speed
Workflow Management
Encryption at-Rest
VIP-ONLY Sharing

Some key points

We are the new standard when it comes to Power and Privacy. Use all you want with our sweet $5 plan.

Work with a team, and gain control over the flow of data, and who is working on what. It's actually easy to do!

User rights
User Rights

In BriefcaseCloud you have true privacy from everyone; we protect freedom of speech

Instant chat
Instant Chat

Our system is so instant it's faster than SMS messages between users - we're talking live

Intutive features
Intuitive Features

We made it powerful, but simple, like UNIX. Simple combos produce powerful workflows

Smart retrieval
Smart Retrieval

You can dump files in anywhere, but here you can retrieve them easier and faster than ever

Ping system
Ping System

Ping! Ping! Don't repeat yourself to a fellow user - just give'em the old ping alert instead


5-bucks for UNLIMITED storage and feature usage - share to non-paying users for free

File Stacking (TM)
File Stacking™

Keep track of your versions more efficiently than ever before and reduce screen clutter

Access control
Access Control

Bing-bang-boom! You control the room. The Owner decides who stays and who goes

5-star support
5-Star Support

We can offer help on how to use the website's tools to their fullest potential. It's fun and easy

Prices anyone will love

We are the new standard for high-quality service at a fair price. We hope you agree, otherwise you may have not compared us against the competition. BriefcaseCloud is your powerful idea management tool.

  • 0 $ monthly
    • Share User
    • Receive approved files. Unlimited usage of share tab.
      • No seat cost
      • View projects
      • View files
      • Accept invites
  • 5 $ monthly
    • Member
    • Full usage of all tools. Unlimited project creation.
      • Live chat
      • Live alerts
      • Full usage
      • Seat cost
  • 5 $ monthly
    • Owner
    • Only one owner per Briefcase. Full control over all.
      • Super-User
      • All features
      • Your Data
      • Your Privacy

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